Are industrial lamps suited for the home environment?
In order for old factory lamps to work properly in a common house, they need to be converted. This means that among other things, the transformer, the capacitor, the wires and the large E40 fitting need to be changed and replaced with an E27 lamp holder, which you can use with any ordinary (energy-saving) lightbulb. All industrial lamps in Brût Amsterdam have been restored and are ready to give a touch of history to your interior.

How do I hang such a heavy lamp on my ceiling?
An industrial lamp looks very heavy, but in reality it is not as heavy as it looks like. In order to make the lamp lighter, we removed the heaviest components such as the transformer during the conversion. Even if you have a ceiling of drywall you can hang any lamp without any reason to worry for its safety. Make sure to use “hollow-wall anchors”, which you can find at any hardware store. Look for those which are especially for hanging weight on plaster ceilings. See here how it works.

Can I also rent Brût Amsterdam’s products?
It is possible to rent Brut Amsterdam’s products, for example for photo shoots. For more information see the Rental page and Projects.

Can I come to visit the shop?
Of course! Brût Amsterdam has a showroom at the Witte de Withstraat 126 in Amsterdam. We are open every Saturday from 11AM until 5PM and outside this hours only on appointment. The other shops of ours, Gekaapt, is open 6 days a week. Visit www.gekaapt.nu for more information.

What are the delivery costs?
Depending on the order (number of products, weight, dimensions), on the checkout the total costs for the delivery are added up. The costs for delivery can range from € 6.95 (ex. One lamp) up to € 140 (ex. Heavy or large items).

How long will it take for my order to be delivered?
Depending on the product, delivery can take between 2-6 working days. When ordering a product, the shipping method will be indicated on the checkout page. If delivery is going to take place via courier, you will be contacted by the courier directly to agree upon a delivery date that is most suitable for you.

What if I’m not home as the package is delivered?
With PostNL, the order will be automatically be delivered on the next day. If you are not home again on the next day, you will be able to pick up your order at the nearest PostNL location. In regards to the delivery via courier, you must be at home on the day agreed upon with the courier. If you are not at home, your order will be taken back to Amsterdam and it will then be your responsibility to resend it.

Why is there no VAT on my invoice?
We use the margin scheme on VAT. This is a special arrangement for the sale of used goods. This makes it possible for the invoices not to provide a VAT rate (possibly recoverable). Read more about the margin scheme on the website of the Tax Bureau.