What is brût Amsterdam?

The word “brut” comes from the French “rough” or “raw”, a feature that all products in Brût Amsterdam have in common with each other.

The industrial furniture in our shop boasts an historical background ranging throughout the whole of the 20th century, a time when old factories and schools where filled with furniture of great durability and elegant design, made to last a lifetime. Through Brût Amsterdam these “vintage industrials” are allocated in new locations, adding an enriching touch to several interiors. Each product in our collection has its own history, leaving a unique trace on every single piece of furniture. We are convinced that the recycling of historical furniture pieces not only refines the atmosphere of your home but also contributes to a responsible use of materials.

Brût Amsterdam sells via the webshop , our own shop (Witte de Withstraat 126, Amsterdam) and the store Gekaapt (see below). Our shop is open every Saturday from 11 AM to 5 PM or outside these hours only on appointment. Gekaapt is open 6 days a week. All of our vintage industrial products have been carefully restored in our workshop so that they are safe and ready to decorate your interior.


Brût Amsterdam is also part of the conceptstore Gekaapt. Gekaapt is home to 15-25 original and established design brands. A combination of furniture, fashion and coffee. Gekaapt is located in the Kinkerstraat 320, Amsterdam. Follow Gekaapt on www.gekaapt.nl 

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Who is Brût Amsterdam?

The founder and initiator of Brût Amsterdam is Rick Ruijter. With a passion for industrial design and aversion to the consumerist “throwaway concept” Brût Amsterdam was founded by the end of 2012. “When products are built to last a lifetime, they emanate character and historical beauty, which will make your own home a place filled with unique beauty”.

The creative force behind Brût Amsterdam is Linsey Bouwes. “I see a lot of people struggling when it comes to interiors, but there are so many simple and astonishing solutions”.

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It is possible to rent Brût Amsterdam’s products, for example for photo shoots or events. The rental price per week amounts to 15% of the regular retail price. The charterer is responsible for bringing the products the way they were delivered in their original undamaged state. The rental price is negotiable since our reputation is a factor of high value for Brût Amsterdam. If you need a large quantity of a particular product for a project don’t hesitate to contact us and we will inform you on the availability.