Brût Amsterdam is a shop and webshop specialized in industrial antiques. Brût Home Industrials in our own collection of home accessories (see www.brut.nl).

The word “brut” means “raw” or “rough”, and that is exactly what connects all Brût Amsterdam products.

The industrial furniture originates in, among other things, factories and schools and is made of durable raw materials, meant to last a lifetime. These “vintage industrials” get a new destination and sometimes even a new function in an interior. Each product has its own history and the traces of this are often still visible. This gives a unique and lived-out look. We are convinced that this recycling not only creates a great atmosphere in your interior, but also contributes to a responsible use of raw materials.

All our vintage industrials are carefully restored in our own workshop where necessary and made suitable for today’s (safety) requirements. See below how we proceed:


Initiator of Brût Amsterdam is Rick Ruijter. Because of a predilection for industrial design and a healthy aversion to the disposable society, Brût Amsterdam saw the light of day in 2012.

Together with Linsey Bouwes, the Brût Home Industrials collection was developed. The first collection was launched in 2017.


Over Brut Amsterdam


“They don’t make like them anymore!”. We heard this sentence again and again during our purchasing trips and in our store.. We were wondering; Why are products nowadays no longer made to last a lifetime? With this in mind, we have developed our own collection of home accessories. Useful and sturdy accessories, made to last a lifetime. Or longer. We call it Brût Home Industrials and the basic ingredients are steel, wood and leather. They are for sale in our own webshop and selected retailers. For more information see www.brut.nl Also become a retailer? Contact us via hello@brut.nl.


Brût Amsterdam is the co-founder of concept store Gekaapt. Although we no longer hold the scepter, we are still a “hijacker”. You will therefore find a part of our collection at Kinkerstraat 320, Amsterdam.

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